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June 23, 2008



That's good advice in any economy. I had never thought about applying for credit though.


Actually, not many people cares about building a back up plan for such tough times. Problems become more serious when it directly impact on each individual and that's when the financial pressure reaches its unbearable level. Hope this down time will get over soon. Fortunately, I 've prepared a few more income sources in the last 8 years, just to make sure that I don't totally rely on monthly pay, and you know what, I feel SAFE! However, at this global level crisis, my business is affected too, but at least, I still have something to lean on.


Great post! I was laid off last spring and it came out of the blue. I had an emergency fund but I tried not to use it, mainly because I ran out of checks for it. I tried my hand at being a full-time freelancer but it didn't go well, but luckily I only had to sweat for about 2 months before my summer job kicked in. Now I have a similar job that pays about 2.5x more. Talk about a silver lining!

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