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January 12, 2010


I see way too many unprofessional email addresses that my clients are quite happy to use- until I mention it to them. Some shrug their shoulders and say- "well that is the one I check most- best to use that" and others get the point and use a better, professional and grownup email address on their resume. Those are the ones methinks might actually get the job!


Its true. These days its easy enough to create a second account. So you don't have to keep checking two mailboxes, you can even forward it to your primary address. Just remember when you do reply to something career related, do so from your job hunt account.


If anybody believes this latest scare tactic, then they're probably gullible enough to spend their unemployment compensation dollars on your dubious services.

If a company is going to dump your resume because of the email address you use, forget them then. If they're that pin-headed and stodgy then they're probably not worth working. Besides, most resumes that are submitted via email are gathered using aggregators and your email address may or may not be part of the forwarded data from the aggregator.

Oh, and I'm curious, is theresumechick considered a 'professional' email address? Shouldn't you be replying with your-oh-so-professional email address?

Brie Hobbs

Associates of Express Employment Professionals do not pay for our company’s services. We’re simply providing advice to help job seekers put their best foot forward and a professional e-mail address is just one more thing to think about in the job search.

If you’re unwilling to change your e-mail address on the chance that it will help your prospects, then that’s certainly up to you. But having a professional e-mail address is just a good way to demonstrate that you are a professional.

Terecia Becher

I absolutly agree, I have often looked at e-mail addresses and wonder "What were you thinking?", Sorry to say, when I look at the resume or job application I am doing so with bias. It is sometimes hard to overcome first impressions. It causes me to wonder about their decision making ability.


Definitely take a few minutes to create a separate email account for submitting resume applications or discussing job opportunities.

Professional Email accounts are easy to get and only take a minute or two to create.

I suggest using something like your first and last name as opposed to bigbooty or yourdaddy.

I also agree that the email address is the first thing a prospective employer sees, so if you have an inappropriate email you might as well not even send the resume because you will probably not be called for an interview.


SO important to cover these basics, and if people haven't been in a job search for a while, they might miss these critical (if basic) tools for their job search.I know several people who lost access to their LinkedIn accounts when they lost their jobs because the ONLY email address they used on LI was their work email.

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