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May 24, 2011



Good article but you might have a misspelling:

"For every negative antidote you hear, share the positive side of thinking." Antidote or anecdote?

Not that my grammar is any good ;)

Thank You!


So what if the toxic person is the owner? Actually it's both husband & wife. Neither have any respect for anyone. She cusses others out, even if they aren't the ones she's mad at. She talks nasty about EVERYONE, customers & employees behind their backs, never has the guts to confront anyone straight up. He treats everyone as if they are worse then a bug, even had the audacity to tell someone they were "a waste & dissappointment of a human being."

Movin' On Up

Thank you for the feedback Tim. We've made the necessary changes to the post. Thanks again and keep reading!

Patricia, we are so sorry to hear about your difficult situation with your employers. Having a toxic boss is definitely a challenge, one that far too many people have to face. Although it seems the majority of your workplace issues need to be addressed by your employers rather than you, check out a series we wrote last year – “Touchdown With a Bad Boss.” You’ll find some real life examples of individuals working for a bad boss and how they overcame their toxic situation. Good luck!

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