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October 26, 2011


Terecia Belcher

Great advice, also always be polite, nothing is a bigger turn off to employers than someone who thinks they are just being persistent but are really coming off rude and showing an attitude.

Jared Cole

I agree, Terecia! There's value in being assertive in your job search, but it can be easy to verge into annoyance, which can decrease your chances of being a viable candidate. Being polite and respectful can help you stay away from that zone.

Thanks for your comment and great pointer!


Love all 6 reasons. To the anon job seekers who've commented, networking is more than just meeting people and telling them what you can do. It is being known for having something valuable to offer. What problem can you solve for an employer? Why wouldn't they want to create a position for someone who is going to save them money? I know, sounds like pie in the sky, but you know what, I've seen it work more than twice! Think out of the box! Create your next position! Best of luck!

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