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November 07, 2011


John B

Years ago I interviewed for a position with a well known telecommunications company for a tech position. The interview was in the manager's office, which was several floors up in the building. While I was there, the window washers were working. The office had small (appx. a foot high) areas of the window that could be opened. The window washer squirted his cleaning solution, which went in the opening, across the desk, and straight into my eye. I tried to pretend nothing happened but very soon the tears started flowing. When the interviewer finally asked why I was crying, I told him I was squirted in the eye with window cleaning solution from "that guy right there". He quickly apologized and sent me to the bathroom to wash my eyes out, while doing so I managed to get water all over the crotch of my gray suit, which made it look like I had wet myself! I didn't get the chance to tell the interviewer the sink sprayed on me. I sat there the rest of the interview thinking "not a chance, why am I even bothering". But I did get the job!

Jared Cole

Amazing story, John! I love it! Are you still with the company? How have you been able to use that story to your advantage?

John B

The way I recovered is after I began work there my manager (the person who interviewed me) and I had some pretty good laughs about it! It really served to help me become part of the team quicker than most new people are accepted.

Unfortunately, the company "went under" and was absorbed by another large telecommunications company. My time there was great though, a lot of good (and fun) people.

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