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December 09, 2011



This seems like pretty basic stuff to us but you hear stories every year of things going awry at company parties. Here's to surviving another year!

I try to avoid these shindigs. My coworkers are usually blockheads. The food is cool, though. Except for the casseroles made by questionable employees who exit the bathroom consistently without washing their mitts. Oy forever.

Edward H

I'm more of the "make an appearance" person. Of course, we always say we'll stay about 30-45 minutes because these parties are basically just another day of work.

But typically, we end up staying a few hours. I guess that's not a bad idea since the company has kept me for 30 years! Maybe it's my accurate Super Bowl predictions that keep me around.

Jared Cole

Cubicle Rebel, Thanks for your honest opinion. The choice to attend the company holiday party is up to you and is optional. There can be benefits to attending if you're interested in advancing your career. Just use your best judgement.

Edward, if just making an appearance works, more power to you. I'm sure they keep you for much more than Super Bowl predictions. Who do you think has a chance this year? Thanks for your comment!


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