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January 06, 2012


Shy & Introverted

What jobs do you suggest for shy people and introverts such as myself?
Also, I don't have an email address, so please don't respond to the false one listed below.

However, if you could please respond within the comments, I would greatly appreciate it!

Jared Cole

There are several jobs available for shy and introverted people. The key is finding jobs that focus on the strengths of shy and introverted workers like listening, analyzing, and critical thinking. It's also important to avoid high-intensity jobs that require lots of quick decision making and face-to-face interaction.


There are very few careers that would be compatible with shy and introverted people. Few by name and also by availability, making it pointless to reference. It's like some of the jobs I've heard friends get, like working as a computer technician making huge salaries on a high school education. Because they worked for a private store and the owner was very impressed with their work. If you're lucky and in the right place at the right time, you might get something like this. But for most of us, forget it.

Even getting the degree for a career requires becoming something you're not. Such as taking a public speaking class.

I'm also skeptical on the statistic of 25% are introverts. I suspect that if employees are being judged to be shy and introverted by their jobs, then it is inaccurate. Considering that the majority of jobs are for outgoing people (sales, customer service), and many are forced to work these out of necessity; to make a living.

The jobs I've worked were almost always a good fit. I've done prep cook for restaurants, custodial work, and manual labor. Almost always I work alone and I'm able to work at my own pace. Rather than work immediately, on demand of the customers. I got a lot of praise as a prep cook because I was able to manage my time so well and get things done so quickly, but also having the perceptive nature and attention to detail that is common with introverts, which allowed me to do more than other coworkers. Like better prepare the volume of food based on customer demand from day to day, and even helping line cooks keep things in stock from the freezer, etc., by just noticing the sound of empty drawers being pulled open, or seeing the contents nearly/completely empty.

It's true we are good listeners and this allows us to be much more perceptive than the majority of extroverts. This provides us with many qualities that are highly valued in an employee, and makes us uniquely superior to other employees. In almost every job I've had, I've often been able to see and prevent a problem before it ever happened. It tends to be an undervalued skill, until you're absent on a sick day or on vacation. And then suddenly they realize just how much of a difference you make in keeping a place running smoothly. ;)

Jessica Jordan

I need some advise on networking. I know it's something that I need to do but I've got no idea how to start. I don't have any contacts or friends. My family are all retired. I've been out of school for over 20 years & even though I'm Facebook friends with some of my classmates I've had no contact with them. I didn't go to college and I don't belong to any social group and I don't know of any to join especially because I'm a single mom & don't have any friends to introduce me into any clubs. I've also been out of work for just over 3 years unable to find work in my area & unwilling to have a 2 hour commute because there isn't anyone to help with transportation for my daughter. I recently went for an interview at an employment agency and was told that it would be near impossible for them to be able to sell me to their clients due to the fact I've been out of work so long. So as you can see I really need help but don't know where to even start. If you have any suggestions please contact me at the email I've given.

Treker Antone

The problem I see with many job postings is the lack of training available should someone wish to reinvent oneself with a career that would encourage them to become more outgoing and more extroverted like in "Sales". Regardless if someone has much knowledge or not it would be encouraging for a company to give potential employees the oportunity to become more "people oriented" so those attributes can strengthen.


Hello. I'm introverted and shy, but mostly introverted. It's very difficult my whole life because i don't know how to socialize. And it's very hard in trying to find a job. Any other advice you can give me would really help me out.


corprate america hates introvertes, look at the adds,"and your leadership skills",were the losers in our sociaty. Used,abused,ignored,dumped on and left for dead.

Jared Cole

Michael, shyness and introversion come in a variety of types and levels. Not all introverts are the same and there are several jobs that can match their strengths.

It's different for different people. Just because someone deals with shyness or introversion doesn't mean they can't enjoy being a leader or public speaking. A great example of this is Steve Martin, who is considered to be one of the greatest comedians in the U.S. and is a self-proclaimed introvert.

There are no documented statistics claiming the real number of those who consider themselves shy or introverted, but most estimates say 25%.

It comes down to the individual. They need to understand themselves, their passions, and their dreams to find out what they want in a career. They will have to make the decision as to what they can or can't achieve.

Thanks for your insight and opinion.

Jared Cole

Jessica, networking isn't always easy for some. It's all about finding a connection and providing value. If you read through some of our back log of blog posts, you can find loads of information on how to market yourself, explain long gaps in your resume, and how to improve your networking skills. Here's a blog about networking to help you start:

Jared Cole

Jamie, Thanks for posting a comment. Due to the high number of responses on this article, I'll definitely come back to this subject on different aspects of shyness and introversion when it relates to the job search. Thanks again for the input, and if you have any other topics you want covered, let me know.

Jared Cole

Tony, The U.S. culture doesn't perceive introverts in the best of light. They often interchange "shy" and "introvert," which are two completely different things. You define the success you want. Anything worthwhile isn't going to be easy, but it comes down to individual preference and what works best with you. Thanks for your honest opinion and welcome it any time.

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