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January 23, 2012



Reporting near misses is for many people a sure way to get fired. The manager feels maligned, people near and around the situation are made scapegoats, the messenger gets the brunt, and generally, no changes are made that will prevent this from happening again. The messenger will be fired or transferred to another section, and new people, unaccustomed to the dynamics (aka hazards) in that section, will replace the messenger unbriefed. Forcing workers into stupid and dangerous activities is par for the course. Complainers get sacked. Low level managers who have direct control over these situations are not often chosen for brainpower or competence. HR often mistakes brashness and controlling behavior for supervisor competence in lower level retail work or restaurant, for instance.


That's GREAT now if every1 could speak up.

Jared Cole

JLien, While it's sad occurrence, workers have to consider the risks. Depending on the situation, what might cost them their job could end up costing weeks in the hospital or even their lives.

It boils down to best judgement and what is right for the situation. Glad to hear your opinion, JLien.

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